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A severe drought in emptied the cattle ranges of Cochise County, wiped out the cattle industry in southern Arizona. In the Sulphur Springs Valley was a rich resource with millions of acres of lush grama, sacaton, bunch, and blue stem grass waiting to be exploited.

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Cattlemen came and turned their herds loose. The fragile land would support only one animal unit cow-calf per acres per year.

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As early as stockmen were being warned about the dangers of overgrazing. No wise cattleman wants to destroy his range and most heeded the advice but the drought in was the death knell for the industry. The final coup came when homesteaders moved in and erected fences, effectively closing off the range. The Vickers brothers had invested in oil and real estate in southern California where they became very rich over the next few years. The CCC struggled on for three more decades. For a time they ran cattle on the Apache reservation east of Globe but by the old CCC was history.

The arrival of Mormon colonists from Utah in heralded the first permanent Anglo-American settlements…. Box , Cave Creek, AZ Skip to content.

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My Account Blog. Post Views: 2, The payment of the fee for recording a brand confers on the owner of the brand the right to use it until the end of the re-record period in which the brand is recorded. Ownership of a brand is a property right and may be sold and transferred. In the event of a registration transfer, the brand shall not be used until the New Mexico Livestock Board has recorded the transfer.

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Once the transfer is recorded, the new owner will receive a certificate of brand in the form of a wallet card. Brands may not be transferred online. Click Here to print a brand transfer form to begin the process. Follow the link below and click on the map where you need the inspection. You will be given a list of inspectors and their phone numbers. Anyone desiring to move or transport livestock from one district to another, or beyond the limits of this state, except as provided in Section , NMSA and in 21 NMAC The inspector shall set a time and location for inspection of such livestock and, upon inspection, shall issue the necessary certificate for livestock movement.

Service Charge for Form 1 one-way movement field inspections and Form 2 hide inspections. The following abbreviations are used for listing the locations of brands on livestock: L - refers to the left side of the animal.

R - refers to the right side of the animal. New Mexico Recorded Brands may be used statewide. Brand registrations are recorded in three-year cycles. Renewals are processed between July 1 and October 31 of renewal years. The years , , , etc. It is unlawful to ship livestock displaying an expired brand.

Brands may be registered for 3, 6, 9, or 12 years at a time. For transfers that are performed from July through October of a renewal year, the transfer fee is waived. Once the transfer is recorded, the new owner will receive a certificate of brand ownership in the form of a wallet card. The following links provide regulations and sections of livestock codes and rules that are relevant to branding and to the operations of the Livestock Board.

Each character or symbol that forms a part of a brand has a distinct name.

Click the link below to see examples and explanations of brands that might help you read a brand.