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Something else you'd expect from this model is rear wheel drive handling purity. It doesn't disappoint in that regard either. The BMW 3 Series gets wide-ranging improvements in seventh generation form. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

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The BMW 3 Series Saloon has had an unparalleled reputation both for its quality, and supreme handling in the premium midsize segment for more than 40 years and this, the seventh generation, raises the bar even higher. When the first BMW 3 Series was launched in , it revolutionised the segment and became the Munich maker's most successful car. Since then, over 15 million 3 Series models have been sold globally and this contender is regarded as the heartbeat of the brand.

With revised styling, improved driving dynamics, better efficiency and innovative features, this seventh generation model aims to continue that success story. A stiffer more sophisticated platform with revised suspension, plus stronger safety standards, a more up-market cabin and wider-reaching media connectivity will all help in that regard.

It's still rear wheel drive of course - though xDrive 4WD is, as before, as option. Upgraded four-cylinder engines from BMW's Efficient Dynamics family are used across the powerplant range, which kicks off with the hp i. The same engine's also used in the e plug-in hybrid model. The other mainstream petrol engine available is the hp unit in the i.

If you want six cylinders, you'll need the hp engine of the rare Mi. Diesel drivers can start their perusals with the hp d, before going on to consider the hp d derivative that most choose. This mid-range diesel model generates Nm of torque which enables a mph sprint time of 7. At the top of the diesel line-up is the hp d.

The brand's xDrive 4WD system is optional on the i, the d and the d. And you have to have it on the Mi. A new generation six-speed manual gearbox is available - thoiugh only on the base d diesel variant. Otherwise, your 3 Series will come with eight-speed Steptronic auto transmission. A 55kg weight reduction this time round also helps. Adaptive M suspension can be specified on 'M Sport' models.

And i and d buyers will be offered an optional M Sport differential for the rear axle which helps to enhance traction, agility and cornering. This is standard on the Mi. This seventh generation 3 Series model has had its proportions radically revised. The MK7 design is 85mm longer than its predecessor and 16mm wider, but just 1mm taller. Added to that, its wheelbase has been extended by 41mm and its track widths are wider too. As usual, there'll be saloon and Touring estate body styles. At the front, the large BMW kidney grille elements are framed by a single surround and split up by wide bars and link to the headlight units.

The Munich brand's customary twin headlights feature the familiar two-way split that is further emphasised by an eye-catching notch in the front apron that rises into the headlight contour. The bonnet has four contour lines leading to the BMW kidney grille. Even saved on fuel as it was more efficient. Now a dedicated leaser. When I started typing the deal was ell cold, by the time I was finished, much hotter, guess the leasers have woken up lol. If you want to drive a new d X drive for two years, this is a cheap way all costs considered of doing it. No-one really cares what you drive, especially if it's an old low spec.

Edited by: "Youngsyr" 12th Jul Read less Read more would truly love to know what car you can buy for 10k and sell for 9k 2 years later??? Smoking deal, and an awesome car Read less Read more Ridiculous comment. Read less Read more surely you are just expressing a preference and choose to own a second hand car? A great deal - unfortunately, posted at the wrong time hence a lot of cold votes. Read less Read more I applaud you sir, for your opinion , that I myself whole heartedly agree with!!!

2015 BMW (F30) 335d M sport Xdrive - Do you really need an **M3**?

Edited by: "AMGsport" 12th Jul Read less Read more Porsche Carrera. My choice would be a coupe manual in grey, with as few miles as possible, probably going for an older model as long as the mileage is under 80k. Seriously though, I really do believe that people need to understand depreciation curves better and why certain cars have different rates of depreciation to others. A car is most people's second most valuable asset after their house and yet so few people seem to understand how their value changes over their lives.

Used BMW 3 Series 335d,335i,335i xDrive For Sale near Austin, TX | J.D. Power

As some people have posted on this thread, all they see is the price they pay up front for a purchase or over the lease term for a lease. Read less Read more its a ridiculous comment in your opinion, not mine, and fortunately we all don't have the same opinions in life!!!! Read less Read more please can you show me which bmw car that you can buy for 10k and it will be worth 9k after 2 years? Read less Read more Thats great, if you want a second hand car.

A year later, I was looking into changing the car, I'd only done miles. So if like me, you regularly change your car years, this is actually a good option. Something I will be considering, next time I'm due to change. Edited by: "peteruk" 12th Jul For those who state " You don't understand the concept of leasing" , to those who don't agree with a lease, don't you think that's a little naive of you? Read less Read more cbrpaul its a ridiculous comment in your opinion, not mine, and fortunately we … its a ridiculous comment in your opinion, not mine, and fortunately we all don't have the same opinions in life!!!!

Read less Read more The comment is factually ridiculous, not just my opinion. Read less Read more I'm waiting for you to educate me on why this is a bad deal?

(68) BMW 3 SERIES d xDrive M Sport Shadow Edition 5dr Step Auto

The leasing trolls are getting really boring every time there's a lease deal posted I have to say. OP - brilliant deal and voted hot. That's a really good price. Ignore those who don't know what they are talking about!!! R1cbm Looked at leasing a few times. Read less Read more Looks like you got a good deal on the current motor. Can't really compare your other purchase though, was 7 years old when you got rid, any mention of the maintenance costs of the older motor?

I have always gone for second hand, however sometimes these lease deals are so good like this one that you'd be silly to buy. I don't want to waste my money on a depreciating asset! Leasing is the best way forward if you like a new car every years! Read less Read more What an odd comment , I fail to see your point here , part from trying to twist my comment to suit your own point of view and opinion.

Read less Read more its not my position to " educate you" as you put , however this only proves that you fail to understand why others possibly don't like this deal To you its a deal , to me its not , I suggest you accept this fact as have I , instead of trying to get me to " educate" you otherwise. Give me cold hard numbers. Post a comment. Bold Deleted Italic Text. Bold Deleted Italic.

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Notify me when there are any replies. Submit Comment. PS4 Pro. Xbox One X. FIFA Nintendo Switch. Apple Watch. Sim Only. Credit Card. The bonnet has four contour lines leading to the BMW kidney grille. A pair of character lines rise to the rear of the car at door-handle level and a contour line near the side skirts guides the eye to the sculpted rear wheel arches.

There's the usual 'Hofmeister kink' near the rear C- pillar. And at the rear, slim, darkened light units house L-shaped taillights. Inside, the instrument panel has a modern, light look with horizontal lines, high quality electroplated trim strips and contours that extend into the doors. The newly-designed instrument cluster and Control Display form a large surfaced screen grouping, while the controls not included in these units are arranged into clearly structured function panels.

Your dealer will also be keen to tell you about this MK7 model's clever 'Intelligent Personal Assistant', a voice-activated infotainment system that responds to the prompt "Hey BMW". When you pause to consider that one product line - the 3 Series saloon - accounts for fully a quarter of BMW's global sales, you begin to appreciate quite how much there is riding on this car. For that though, you now get quite a lot, with even base 'SE' trim now featuring kit like Extended LED headlights, inch alloy wheels, LED front fog lights, interior Ambient Lighting with up to 11 colour settings, a reversing camera, three-zone air conditioning and enhanced acoustic glazing.

All 3 Series models benefit from split folding rear seats and folding rear headrests as standard. There's a slightly more dynamic-looking mid-range 'Sport' model but if budget permits, you'll probably want to stretch up to top 'M Sport' trim. This gives you a body kit, sports seats, an M leather steering wheel and the new 'BMW Live Cockpit Professional' dash package, which gives you a BMW has concentrated on improving the efficiency of the 3 Series and there are benefits right across the board. The d variant's improved 2. Average fuel consumption is rated at For the auto-only i petrol model, the combined cycle figure is The Steptronic automatic transmission option features a coasting mode so that when the driver lifts off the throttle at higher speeds, for example on a gentle downhill grade on the motorway, the engine is automatically decoupled from the powertrain.

It then simply ticks over in neutral, which saves fuel and ensures there is no unwanted engine braking at high speed. An additional fuel-saving feature, which also improves driving comfort, is the Proactive Driving Assistant, which uses information from the navigation system to "anticipate" upcoming roundabouts, corners and junctions and select exactly the right time to change gear.

Features on the BMW 335d xDrive M Sport Touring

If BMW wanted to build a model that would convert those who didn't previously fancy a 3 Series, then this MK7 design probably isn't that car. Its appeal is largely the same. If, on the other hand, you're crunching hard numbers, then it's hard to see this Munich maker's much improved mid-sized executive model coming off second best to anything in its division.